What Is PRP?

  • PRP eye drops are biological eye drops made from your own blood.
  • Your blood contains platelets which are rich in healing growth factors, cytokines, albumin and several natural vitamins
  • These factors promote healing of damaged tissue, thus improving signs and symptoms of dry eyes.

“PRP eyedrop is a biological product that does not contain any preservatives, stabilizers or additives which are found in artificial stuff.”

Only Eye Doctor in BC providing PRP eye drops for dry eyes!

How Is It Made?

- PRP eye drops can be prepared right here while you wait!
- A certified medical laboratory professional will draw a small amount of blood from your arm. Blood is put in the centrifuge to get the red blood cells to settle at the bottom so that we can recover the PRP on top.

“85% of patients noticed an improvement in their dry eye symptoms”


  • PRP eyedrops are preservative-free, biological products made from your own blood.
  • PRP eyedrops not only act as a lubricant to the ocular surface, but also supply several essential nutrients, which are found in human tears, to the ocular surface for the recovery of damaged epithelium.
  • They are rich in vitamins, growth factors, fibronectin and cytokines.
  • In fact, PRP eyedrops contain a higher concentration of these factors then even our own tears, blood or autologous serum eye drops.
  • Clinical research shows that platelets promote healing of damaged ocular tissue thus improving signs and symptoms of dry eyes.
  • Dr. Madan and her clinic utilizes the safest and the latest technology to prepare PRP eyedrops.
  • PRP eyedrops can be prepared right in our clinic while you wait.

Dr. Madan’s clinic is the 1st clinic to utilize this technology in Western Canada!